Mobile Health Clinics

  • Mobile Health Clinics
    • Mobile Health Clinics
    • Double Side (3:1) Expandable Mobile Trailer
    • Single Axis Trailer, 13.2 Mtr. – 65 m2
    • Fully Operational in 20 minutes
    • Available in lengths up to 53 ft including designs of mobile medical trailers with single and double expandable sides.
    • Mobile health care units layouts include designs with one 
  • Modular Mobile Pandemic Clinics
    • Sanitized Distribution Centers of PPE
    • Sanitized Testing Facilities
    • Treatment Clinics
    • Can be used as ongoing mobile clinics in long-term

    Private companies can utilize for PPE Distribution, Screening & Testing, and Treatment. Can be conveniently placed near office and taken to multiple location as needed.